Material Immaterial Studio bases their work in the bare beauty of materials. Form, light and shadow interact in the small architectural space of these cufflinks. Ideal for sparking dialogue or the imagination. If the equine that I experienced vetted a few months ago have been lunged on a difficult surface, I believe it could of shown up problems, a… Read More

A septic tank is a key component of an septic system , a small-scale sewage treatment system common in areas that lack link with main sewage pipes provided by local governments or private firms. Other components can include pumps, alarms, sand filters , and clarified liquid effluent removal methods such as a septic drain field , ponds, natural ston… Read More

Quality precast concrete tanks are constructed to be reasonable, watertight, and stand up to tons that other materials cannot withstand. Harper Precast manufactures and installs concrete septic tanks to meet correct specifications, requirements, and industry requirements. Concrete tanks are heavy, but that's not a challenge for Harper Precast. A co… Read More

ASTM Committee C27 on Precast Cement was shaped in 1972. C27 satisfies one per year, in December, with about 35 members attending two days of technical meetings. The Committee, with a regular membership of around 150 users, has jurisdiction of 24 benchmarks. C27 has 6 specialized subcommittees. Information upon this subcommittee framework and C27's… Read More

Lee's Precast Cement Inc. has been family possessed and operated since 1977. We have been one of the major precast concrete manufacturers in Mississippi. Lee's Precast produces capture basins & container culverts for the drainage market segments, wastewater treatment vegetation, septic tanks, and grease traps for environmentally friendly market seg… Read More